New Hope Community Church

  The church at the heart of Kincheloe . . .

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear to New Hope Church?
Clothes.  Don't worry about dressing "right".  On any given Sunday, you are likely to see some in jeans or shorts, some in dresses or with ties, and most are somewhere in between.  You will be welcomed no matter what you wear.  We care more about having you join us to worship our God than what you wear.

What is a service like?
The service includes singing, prayer time, scripture reading and a sermon.  Usually it lasts a little over an hour.  We often stand while we sing and sit for the rest.

Are visitors asked to stand and introduce themselves?
No. You will be warmly greeted as you enter, but you will not be pointed out or asked to stand during the service.

What if I don't have money for the offering?
No problem, as a visitor, if you choose to give you may, but you will never feel awkward if you don't.